Laurie Viera or the pleasure of writing about Jane Austen’s world


I met Laurie in my very first time on Twitter.

I was kind of newbie in a world that I loved to know more and more about: Jane Austen’s. I wanted to meet people who were interested on her and her books; who were writing about and because of her. So when I typed “Jane Austen” in the Twitter browser, I realized that lots of new friends were waiting for me right there. And like that, click after click, I found Jane Austen Addict, Laurie Viera’s web page. I was clicking around, reading her posts, taking parts in giveways…What’s more, I was delighted with the series about her books, “Sex and the Austen Girl. These 2-3 minutes episodes inspired by Laurie Viera’s books (Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen addict) were really intelligent and fun! And I wanted more: I had to buy both books at once! When this thought in mind, what was my surprise when, few days later, Laurie sent me my very first email on Twitter: I was the winner of her last giveaway! The books were mine!!!

The rest of the story, you can imagine…Hours of laughing and learning about both world (Jane Austen’s and Ours).

Two women who have inexplicably switched bodies, time periods, and lives — one from Regency England, the other from 21st-century Los Angeles — debate the pros and cons of life and love in today’s world vs. Jane Austen’s world.

Now, no more talking about me. Let’s welcome our very special guest of this month:


1) As I know that you have answered hundreds of times the same questions about your books, Jane Austen and so on, I would want you to just tell us, Otroscuentos readers,  anything you would like to share with us, about  your work (past, present or/and future), your life, projects, dreams… In other words, your “why- writing”, if you can express it like that.

I write to give my readers what I enjoy most about reading: a story that takes me on a journey outside of myself, a story in which I can immerse myself, something that makes me think, reflect, that moves me, something that ultimately resonates with my own life. No one can hope to write a story that appeals to everyone, but there is nothing more gratifying than to hear that my novels helped a reader through a bad breakup, a child’s illness, restored a reader’s faith in love, or simply gave a reader several hours of escape from the stresses of daily life. I hear things like this all the time from my readers, and it makes me very happy.

2) In Otroscuentos blog, we love talking about languages. We know that the translation of a book is really important in order to sell it internationally and expand the work of a writer to more and more diversity of readers. If I am not wrong, you have Italian translations of your books, right? Could you explain to us how that experience was? Did you talk directly to the translator or have any kind of contact with her? Did you read or revise  the final translation (or anyone close to you did it for you) before published? Could you describe to us the process you had to follow?

And talking about that, you know that here, in Spain, you would have a great success with your books, have you thought about a Spanish translation of them? I am sure that the readers of Otroscuentos would be delighted of reading a positive answer!

I’ve definitely thought about a Spanish translation of my books, and I would be delighted for that to happen. I have the highest respect for the art of the translator, having worked on occasion, in my days as a freelance editor, with a brilliant translator who did a number of English translations of German works. I did some light editing of her English translations, and the lively discussions that she and I had about nuances of meaning gave me a greater understanding and a deep appreciation of what translators do.

As for the Italian translations of my own books, they, like all translations of my works, have been overseen directly by the publisher of that particular translation.

3)As far as I am concerned, the Internet is one – if not the best– advertisement tool we have in order to show our work on a national and international level. And what’s more, social networks, like Facebook or Twitter are growing importance in this field. In fact, I met you thanks to Twitter! What do you think about that? Are you selling more thanks to the Internet? Do you agree that the Internet and social networks are the new booksellers?

I’m very happy to have connected with you, Belén!

I feel tremendously fortunate to be an author in the age of the Internet, because the opportunities to connect with readers are manifold, and I find that very exciting and enriching. I hear from readers from all over the world, because they can easily find me on my website,, on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and more. I love talking to people who love to read, which is why I also make myself available for conference calls or Skype calls with book groups who are discussing my novels.

I treasure all of my online interviews and interactions with readers, and I also love doing in-person speaking engagements and readings. I embrace new media wholeheartedly, and at the same time there will always be a place for me as an author and as a reader for face-to-face interactions. The Internet and social networking apps give me the miraculous feeling of living in a small world where authors and readers are more accessible to one another, while tangible, exciting events like book festivals, library talks, book tours, and the simple pleasure of browsing at my local indie and talking books with passionate booksellers can be truly magical experiences.

4)Talking about selling books and booksellers, what is your opinion regarding e-books? Could we buy your books as e-books?

Yes, my novels are available as e-books. Speaking as an avid reader, I quickly fell in love with the convenience of having all six Jane Austen novels on my iPhone. To my surprise, I found myself easily forgetting that I was reading from a phone. Then I got an iPad, and now I’ve got a growing library on it. An e-reader is perfect for travel. Not that I ever intend to give up printed books; I still love holding a physical book in my hands, shopping for books at my local independent bookstore, and the comfort of my bookshelf-lined office filled with well-loved volumes and new discoveries.

5) And finally, I do not know if you know, but Otros cuentos means in Spanish “Other tales”. And I called my blog like that because I love thinking about life as a tale where we can write and re-write whatever and whenever we want to. Do you have a special tale you’ve loved since ever? Any happily ever after do you want to share with us?

I don’t think you’ll be too surprised to hear that my favorite tale was written by Jane Austen. PERSUASION very much fits into your idea of “life as a tale where we can write and re-write whatever and whenever we want to.” I love that way of looking at life. PERSUASION is all about second chances. It is about looking in retrospect at the choices we have made in the past and understanding how those choices have formed who we are today. And it is about taking charge of our lives and declaring that it is never too late to realize our dreams. (“Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever.” )

Thank you for inviting me to talk with you on Otroscuentos, Belén!

It was a real pleasure to have you here with all of our Otroscuentos readers.

We wish you all the best and more.

¡Muchas gracias, Laurie!


3 comentarios en “Laurie Viera or the pleasure of writing about Jane Austen’s world

  1. Thank you Shannon!I’m glad you like it!
    That part was specially interesting indeed, because we have such a great luck of being able to “connect” with the authors who wrote the words we are holding in our very own hands!It seems to almost magic to me , really 🙂


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